Monday, August 15, 2011

Bobbi's car.

This is the car that Bobbi drove. It was found almost a year after she left. It was unlocked. It had clothes, makeup, and money in the car.

Bringing back painful memories.

Recently I have found a few of my moms old friends. I have contacted them to find out what they remember. One or two of them have been very cooperative with me, but even the cooperative people are telling me that I am bringing back painful memories for them. It is too hard for them to talk to me about it.
How do they think i feel? Finding my mom is my whole life. I talk about it every day. It breaks my heart to know that someone out there knows what happened to my mom but they wont come forward. Even worse I feel like some of the people that knew her are hiding things from me. Have I already met the person who knows where my mom is? Do these people know more that what they are telling me? Where do i go from here? I fell stuck. I don't know what to do next. There is one thing i know for sure. I will not give up no matter how painful the memories are.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not every memory is a happy one

I remember waking up to loud banging. I looked around and my mom was sitting in front of my bed rocking back and front with her head in her knees. I remember her saying something about don't let him in. Before i even got a chance to talk to her i hear a bang louder than the previous ones...
My mom got up and ran out of my room. I followed. Her boyfriend Patrick broke down our front door. He had a knife in his hand and he was screaming at my mom. I remember the look of terror on my moms face. I remember him yelling to me, "I'm going to cut your mom up and feed her to the fish. You'd be next. Do you want me to cut her up and feed her to the fish!" He was swinging the knife around. He got her. He stabbed her in the shoulder...
She picked me up and we ran for the car. We went to the police station and they took my mom. I sat in a cold dark room by myself wondering if she was alright.
That's all i can remember from that day...
Patrick, her boyfriend killed himself soon after that. My mom still attended his funeral.

My mother, the artist.

My mom had a hard child hood. She felt that her step dad, Jack Farrell, was the only parent that loved her. She grew up on Wyoming. She always came to Utah to visit my great-grandparents. She loved coming to visit them. When she was in high school she was sent to an all girls border school. Soon after school my mom got pregnant. She had no where to turn. My mom moved to Utah to live with my nana and papa. My mom and nana were very very close. My great-grandparents helped her through the pregnancy.
My mom and nana used to always going shopping, bowling, do puzzles, watch movies and everything together. My mom loved art. We used to color together.
In kindergarten I was given an assignment to bring home a school calendar, decorate it, then bring it back. I brought it home and my mom and i worked on it together. My mom did most of it. She drew a birthday cake on the month of June for my birthday. Flowers for May because of mothers day. I took it to school and the teacher said I did it wrong. I have to cover up all of my moms art with other paper. My mom was so mad :)
I still have that calendar and you can still see my moms art work.

December 27, 1994

My Nana (great-grandma) gave my mom 10$ for gas, and we were on our way. I wish my Nana could have seen what would happen...
We were going to deliver Christmas presents to our friends. My mom dropped me off at her friend Jewels house while she went to run a couple of errands. She needed to go to SOS Staffing to pick up her pay check, then to the bank to cash the check, and then to the grocery store.
I was so upset that I couldn't go to the store with her. We fought. I told my mom that I hated her. Then she drove off...
I fell asleep in the window seat waiting for my mom to come pick me up. The next morning I woke up still at Jewels house. My mom still hadn't come back.
I called my Nana and Papa. They took me home. My Papa went to the police station to report my mom missing. They told him to wait a couple of days and if she still wasn't home to come back. A couple of devastating days went by and my Papa went back to the police station. The officer told my Pa that my mom was an adult and even if they found her they didn't have to tell him...My grandpa was extremely upset and starting yelling. The police officer told my grandpa to leave or he would be arrested.

Telling my mom that i hated her was the last thing i said. It still haunts me. I know i was just a little girl but sometimes i feel like that's why she didn't come back.

Christmas 1994

Waking up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning i never would have imagined that this would be the last Christmas that I would be able to spend with my best friend.
My mom and i were living at my great-grandparents house in Draper, Utah. I woke up as any 5 year old child would ecstatic to see what Santa had brought to me. I woke up my mom first. She see seemed just as excited as i was. She told me to wake up my Nana and Papa. I woke them up. We all met in the living room where our beautiful Christmas tree was standing.
My mom got out the video camera and recorded everything everyone opened. She loved seeing the smiles on everyone's faces. She didn't even care about her presents. We got a super nintendo and a few games from Santa. I was jumping with joy. My mom and I played all day. Donkey Kong was her favorite. Even if i would have known that day that it would be one of the last days i would get to spend with my mom I would have wanted to spend it the same. We had so much fun together.
I loved hearing her laugh and seeing her smile.

Missing Adult

Campbell, Bobbi Ann

Missing Person: Bobbi Ann Campbell Date of Birth: 04/25/70 Missing Since: 1/7/1995 Missing City: Salt Lake City Missing State: Utah Age at time of disappearance: 24 Gender: Female Race: White Height: 5 ft 1in Weight: 105 Hair Color: blonde Eye Color: blue/green

Characteristics: She has a 2 inch scar on her right shoulder and several tattoos: a rose on her left calf, and a mushroom and sunbeam on her right leg.

Circumstances: She went to the grocery store and left her daughter at a friends house and was never heard from again.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office 801-743-7000

Age progressed picture of what Bobbi may look like now.