Thursday, February 18, 2010

December 27, 1994

My Nana (great-grandma) gave my mom 10$ for gas, and we were on our way. I wish my Nana could have seen what would happen...
We were going to deliver Christmas presents to our friends. My mom dropped me off at her friend Jewels house while she went to run a couple of errands. She needed to go to SOS Staffing to pick up her pay check, then to the bank to cash the check, and then to the grocery store.
I was so upset that I couldn't go to the store with her. We fought. I told my mom that I hated her. Then she drove off...
I fell asleep in the window seat waiting for my mom to come pick me up. The next morning I woke up still at Jewels house. My mom still hadn't come back.
I called my Nana and Papa. They took me home. My Papa went to the police station to report my mom missing. They told him to wait a couple of days and if she still wasn't home to come back. A couple of devastating days went by and my Papa went back to the police station. The officer told my Pa that my mom was an adult and even if they found her they didn't have to tell him...My grandpa was extremely upset and starting yelling. The police officer told my grandpa to leave or he would be arrested.

Telling my mom that i hated her was the last thing i said. It still haunts me. I know i was just a little girl but sometimes i feel like that's why she didn't come back.

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  1. That is not why she didn't come back !!! I don't know why she didn't come back, but it wasn't because of you dear