Thursday, February 18, 2010

My mother, the artist.

My mom had a hard child hood. She felt that her step dad, Jack Farrell, was the only parent that loved her. She grew up on Wyoming. She always came to Utah to visit my great-grandparents. She loved coming to visit them. When she was in high school she was sent to an all girls border school. Soon after school my mom got pregnant. She had no where to turn. My mom moved to Utah to live with my nana and papa. My mom and nana were very very close. My great-grandparents helped her through the pregnancy.
My mom and nana used to always going shopping, bowling, do puzzles, watch movies and everything together. My mom loved art. We used to color together.
In kindergarten I was given an assignment to bring home a school calendar, decorate it, then bring it back. I brought it home and my mom and i worked on it together. My mom did most of it. She drew a birthday cake on the month of June for my birthday. Flowers for May because of mothers day. I took it to school and the teacher said I did it wrong. I have to cover up all of my moms art with other paper. My mom was so mad :)
I still have that calendar and you can still see my moms art work.

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